To keep your Glitters as gorgeous as possible we recommend a little bit of extra care is taken with these sandals. 

Due to the delicate nature of the material, these may become damaged by friction, such as a full length dress on a shoe, or a bag brushing against your leg. Over time, you may lose a small amount of glitter with wear, this is not considered a product fault.

Avoid using any cleaning products on these sandals especially any liquids containing alcohol or solvents that may damage the material.

And lastly storage, make sure you keep them out of harms way in your wardrobe.


We strongly recommend applying a Nubuck/Suede protector before wearing to ensure they stay in the best condition possible.

We also recommend avoiding contact with water, oils, and body lotions/creams. These kind of substances can cause staining.


Our metallic leathers are delicate and prone to scuffing which is classed as normal wear and tear and is the nature of these beautiful leathers.

Please understand that although Lovelee Soles Avarcas are very durable they like most leather shoes are not designed to last forever.

Our handmade Spanish Avarca sandals are covered by a 3 month warranty period for issues deemed to be a manufacturing fault.  If a repair is not possible for the manufacturing fault a replacement will be offered. Any damage to the sandals outside of the warranty period will not be deemed as a manufacturing fault.